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Posted on 2010.04.20 at 16:42
Mad Dog Cole
Mad Heads
Mad Mongols
Mad Sin
Matadors, The
Meteors, The
Mighty 18 Wheeler, The
Milwaukee Wildmen
Miniskirt Blues
Monolith Monsters
Monster Klub


Os Catalepticos

Pagan Dead, The
Phantom Rockers
Photon Torpedoes
Pickled Punks
Pretty Grim
Psycho Charger

Quakes, The

Reach Around Rodeo Clowns
Rumble club
Los Putas
Reverend Horton Heat
Robotix, The
Rochee and the Sarnos
Rocker Arms
Royal Dead

Sasquatch and the Sick-a-billies
Scam, The
Scary B.O.O.M.
Sik Luv
Silver Shine, The
Sin Alley
Snakes, The
Speed Crazy
Stray Cats
Slanderin, The
Slapping Suspenders, The

Termites, The
Thee Flatliners
Thee Suspenders
Three Blue teardrops

Voodoo Monkeys, The
Voodoo Zombie

Washington Dead Cats, The

Nikki & The Corvettes,
Spitfire Boys,

Posted on 2010.02.18 at 22:13
I am working on a book so if you want a copy of it, let me know.

youll hurt your knees

Posted on 2009.12.08 at 02:27
i have so many goddamn thoughts. but every other second my stomach makes this feeling of excitement and my head is screaming, "YOURE MOVING TO THE DIRTY SOUTH!"
i got big plans. heading to denver colorado on jan 2nd 2010( 26 more goddamn days). ill be in Denver around 8pm. Hanging with Timmy for a night then hitching (if timmy comes with) or amtraking to Winter Park where Cala and Rocco are. snow tubbing, snow ball fight, hot springs, mushrooms, adventures, whiskey cider. then me and rocco are going to hitchhike to denver airport on Jan 8th and fly to Austin Texas. haha Arriving there around 5pm. Taking a bus to wherever Sara is or Alexe is. Then Rock N Roll. as for love...i hear these broads tell me over and over that they love me. I'm just not into that sorta lovey lifestyle bullshit. I seek adventure not love. I rather hang out with my friends then hold someones fucking hand.

just so i can remember exactly what i was doing this very moment while i was writing this.. ive been in my room listening to bands i've never heard of to see if i can find a band to make me feel something. smoking really good weed that smells like a goddamn skunk and learning about what foods have antioxidants in them and what they prevent and ward off.

oh yeah and a couple days ago i lost my 15 job in the city. i usually always involves having sex too late and not waking up or drinking to late and not wanting to get up.

Posted on 2009.01.12 at 21:09
so much has happened since i last wrote in this. to make a long story short i moved from chicago to colorado. or will be moving to colorado tomorrow. i am currently in kansas to collect calas things. im still in love with natalie and basically still write her love letters everyday. im extremely lazy and can not wake up before it gets dark out. the beg of chicagos winter made me bored without biking so i have been covering myself with tats. i have half a sleeve, one on my lower left arm and one on my upper right arm and also my theigh so far. i currently look like this although it doesnt have any recent tats in this photograph:

Posted on 2008.09.25 at 06:07
up the junction by squeeze is a beautiful song that reminds me why i cant wake up till 5pm everyday. im craving something, looking for something but i dont know what it is and all i want is natalie to come back and be by my side so i can stop feeling like im going slowly insane.

my hands are always cut up

Posted on 2008.08.31 at 14:29

Posted on 2008.08.20 at 02:36
i think women are fucking nuts. you always want what you cant have.

my last broad broke up with me after being in boston for two months (she cheated on me but didnt admit it). said she just didnt want to be in a relationship. but being with natalie made me the perfect gf. i let her do whatever she wanted and respected that she had more important things to do then talk to me. while she was in boston i talked to her whenever she was free. when i was with her i saw her once a week which was fucking perfect. the sex was good. (for her) and yadda yadda.

now she wants me back and i can tell. trying to see me. getting jealous and talking shit about broads i hang out with. telling me how cute i am.

i think i am staying at my parents house till friday. i might as well spend a lot of time with her before i work like a slave to get the fuck to the west.

bla bla bla my other blogs arent so forward, i like this one better.

the lip ink is real

Posted on 2008.08.18 at 17:34

Posted on 2008.08.18 at 13:50
i decieded that i am going to write in this. i keep on writing love letters to her everyday like i promised her i would when we were together..and it seems like its working, but i just dont want the world to see how i am not so strong and how i do ache everyday.

but let me fucking vent! because i cant open my mouth but hands instead

one. i cant believe shes fucking dead. it took her in a matter of two months. i wish i could of saw her one last time. said goodbye. do something. tell her she was a good godmother. i couldnt even look at him, he was so heartbroken in a way i havent seen before and never want to see again.

two. i dont want you to be ill. i dont know whats happening with you but if you died i dont know what i would do. i think you want me to be settled with my life just incase you die.

three. i am so tired of you not being with me. i am going crazy without you. i want my fucking wife back.

four. i lost my job for no fucking reason and shouldnt of quit the record store to work for that fucker. this is now going to fuck up my plans for leaving the midwest. i need to go west. i need to leave before winter. i wish i could take cala with me

five. i am so sad you are moving this month. i could barely even talk to you last night and really dont want to get lunch with you today. i have nothing to say anymore. im lost in my head. you are an amazing person an amazing friend and i will honestly miss you.

six. i cant stay here any longer but i have to. he went to jail and my bike is in his house and have no money to take a bus or train to go job hunting.

seven. we lay in bed all day and kiss. we do this everytime we are alone. but youre...straight. so you claim. but youve thought about it. just admit that you can see yourself with me. does natalie stop you? i would leave you the second i saw her but till then...]]\

eight. im going so sane that im crazy.

Posted on 2008.08.03 at 23:26
Inferno by James Nachtwey
Robert Frank
Shinji Nojima
Haruki Murakami
J.K. Rowling
Tomihiko Morimi
She by Saul Williams
Walden by Henry David Thoreau
On the Road by Jack Kerouac
Into the Wild by John Krakauch
Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno
Candy by Miu Miu
Shakespeare by Harold Bloom
The Art of looking sideways
A heartbreaking work of staggering genius
How We Die by Dave Eggers
,said the shotgun to the head by Saul Williams
Girl interrupted
Go Ask Alice
what my mother doesnt know
paint me like i am
a night without armor
revolution on canvas
Between the acts-virginia woolf
c.s. lewis books
you shall know our velocity-dave eggers
death in the grizzly maze
the motorcycle diaries- che guevara
and then there were none ..
girlosophy volumes one and two
the incident of the dog in the nighttime
mermaids on the moon
e.e cummings
women by charles bukowski
The Fountainhead
The Brothers Karamazov
The Bell Jar
Paradise Lost
Love is a Dog from Hell
The Tropic of Cancer
rotten,the funhouse, nightstone, SWAN SONG, the breeder, the reaper,
malcolm x, opean veins of latin america, walden, the art of warfare, 1984, animal farm, the jungle, the man with a golden arm, a discourse on inequality and the out siders

Charles Bukowski
Ayn Rand
Edgar Allan Poe
Washington Irving
Franz Kafka
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Chuck Klosterman
Friedrich Nietzsche
Mary Shelley
Charles Dickens
Emily Dickenson
Anne Sexton
Sylvia Plath
Henry Miller
Henry James
Anais Nin
Kurt Vonnegut
Thomas Pynchon
Nathaniel Hawthorne
J.D. Salinger
Chuck Palanuik
C. S. Lewis
Allen Ginsberg
John Milton
John Donne
George Elliot
T.S. Elliot
Henry Pinter
Jack Kerouac
Samuel Beckett
Eugene Ionesco
Ezra Pound
Loraine Niedecker
Oscar Wilde
Robert Frost
Adrienne Rich
Gary Snyder..Joe Blanski
May Swenson
Orsen Wells
Judith Wright
Gwendolyn Brooks
Maya Angelou
Williams Carlos Williams
William Blake
Thomas Moore
Christopher Moore
Margaret Atwood
Mark Doty
Pablo Neruda
Paul Verlaine
Arthur Rimbaud

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